The Victoria Bowman Photography Award will be presented for the first time as part of the 2024 Winterstellar Astrophotography Competition.

The award will got to the artist who has submitted to the 2024 Winterstellar Astrophotography Competition the image that is judged:

Best Represents the Unique Night Skies of Central Otago

The Winterstellar Astrophotography Competition judges will shortlist the best Central Otago images from entries for all categories.

The winner will be selected and presented by Scott Bowman and Central Otago Mayor, Tim Cadogan at the prizegiving event.

Vicky Bowman

About Victoria

Vicky was an original collaborator of the Winterstellar project, and a founder Trustee of Winterstellar Charitable Trust.

This award is a celebration of her work and inspiration that endures.

As well as being an accomplished photographer, Victoria was a much loved friend to many in the Central Otago community.

Vicky Bowman Photography