Winterstellar Exhibition 2021

Opening Night 2020

Written by Andy Davey


OK for COVID Level: 1 & 2

Cory Marshall
Simon Williams
John Ecksmann
Andy Davey

Where: Central Stories Museum and Gallery

When: Opening before Matariki rises 2nd July 2021 until end of August although would be great to be running during Blossom Festival weekend.

Who: Same artists as last year and hopefully some new local artists we have inspired through the exhibition, workshops or discovered via astro-photography competition. I know Stephen Patience and John Ecksmann are collecting new timelapse media for next year already. They’ve set themselves a very high bar with this years production. Would also like to encourage a more national/internationally renowned artist such as Mark Gee to participate.

Notes: Also been in contact with sculptor Bill Clarke about producing an ‘astro’ piece, but this may be more relevant as an outdoor installation which I have included as a separate event.

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