OK for COVID Level: 1 & 2 (with adjustments)

Matariki Hangi
Matariki Hangi

Where: Pioneer Park and Central Stories Museum and Gallery

When: 2nd, 3rd, 9th or 10th of July 2021 (Matariki Rising)

Who: We have reached out to Francie Diver and Grace Gibbons about collaborating with Tangata Whenua on this. This year I believe they were planning a Matariki hangi before Covid upset plans. If appropriate, I hope we can add to these festivities with some art and science features. Otago Museum have already expressed interest in sending their outreach team next year with the StarDome we can use to display and educate about the astronomical aspects of Matariki. And on the outside of the dome project a presentation of the significance and legends associated with the Matariki star cluster. I hope we can get others on board to make this a very special event.

Notes: I hope we can help make this event an annual highlight to the Central Otago social/cultural calendar. If the national push to make Matariki a public holiday is successful then that will help make Alex the place to be for it.

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