Airglow Rainbow – Ahuriri Valley Lindis – Rachel Gillespie

At first glance in back of the camera I had to recheck my white balance as it appeared a strange silver colour on that tiny screen, turned out to be one of the biggest airglow scenes I have shot with an array of different colours and the Milky Way early rising, Airglow being particles of self illuminated gases in the atmosphere, it was quite new to me and since I have captured many different wild and wonderful airglow images. This spot just happens to also be where the Mulan movie set was on private land on Ben Avon Station so an extra special capture, hard to replicate

The Ahuriri Valley is one of my favourite dark sky places in the South Island with many compositions and very little light pollution to be seen

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do

Camera Settings

Canon EOS 6D MKI
Samyang 24mm
15 seconds ISO 5000 F2.8
2 image stitch

Sale Details

$495 (inc GST)