ISS Over Dunedin – Paul Le Comte

No matter how many hundreds of times I have watched in wonder at the International Space Station crossing over above me, I will never get bored of it. It blows my mind that every time they cross above us there’s crew members living, doing normal daily things, like eating, sleeping, exercising, reading, working & relaxing.

Using apps on your smart phone you can track when the space station will fly over your location, which direction to look in, & how long it will be visible for.

To take photos of the ISS doesn’t require the most expensive gear, just a tripod, a camera that can take 10+ second exposures & that’s about it, heck even model Galaxy & iPhones can capture them these days.

This image is a merging of 4 shots of Dunedin looking back from Company Bay on Otago Peninsula. The 1st shot was only 2 seconds to counter the bright glow of the city just after sunset. Then 3x 30 second images to track the movement of the ISS above Dunedin. Each image was processed in Lightroom & then blended in Photoshop.

1 of 4 images showing the variety of images of the ISS you can capture.

Camera Settings

Nikon D750
Tokina 11-16mm @ 11mm
ISO 100/800
2 seconds & 30 seconds

Sale Details

$65 (inc GST)