Guy Fawkes light show – Paul Le Comte

Shooting the ISS in itself is a fun thing to do, but incorporating it with a location, a subject, on in this case, during an event can really add to the story you are telling.

By pure dumb luck (and probably some easily explained reason of orbits x circumference of the earth etc), each year on Guy Fawkes night, the International Space Station (ISS) crossed over Dunedin early in the evening. This evening, literally across the road from my house on what locals call ‘the mound’ some folk were letting off fireworks on a chilly but clear night. I knew when the ISS was crossing the sky & all I had to do was climb the wee hill, & get the fireworks between me & the city with the ISS crossing over. Of course I also really had to hope that they lit a nice sky rocket or other pyrotechnics while the ISS was crossing over the sky, or a ‘cheat’ would have to take place, in which I blend several images together in a composite – but I didn’t really want to do that. Thankfully the ISS did cross the sky just as this simple firework was doing it’s thing. This is 4x 15 second images blended together to capture the movement of the ISS over our skies & several flashes of the firework.

Camera Settings

Nikon D750
ISO 400
4x 15 second exposures

Sale Details

$50 (inc GST)