Milky Way over the Wreck of the Olivia – Les Ladbrook

After several trips to this location prior to this shoot I determined there were several conditions needed to get the image I wanted, including no moon for the sky images, and a moon rising later to light the foreground plus a breeze off the land to blow any sea spray out to sea. A night finally arrived, I phoned a few friends to go with me but none were available so I decided I had to do it alone. About a 25-30-minute walk across farmland, down the hill to the foreshore to reach the location (in the dark). Sitting there in the dead of the night is quite eerie, noise from the sea, cattle moving about and bellowing and other strange noises. The sky images looked fantastic. Nearing midnight, the moon came up and within 10-15 minutes it had illuminated the boat and foreground. Satisfied I had the images I needed, it was a 55-minute route along the foreshore and up the hill through the farmer’s rough cattle paddocks. Arriving back at the car a sigh of relief, no ghosts or stock encountered on the walk out. This is a blend of those 2 images and remains one of my most successful planned images to date. The bonus was the Zodiacal Light lighting up the Galactic Kiwi in the Milky Way.

Camera Settings

Nikon D750
Nikkor 14-24m
15 sec @ f2.8, ISO 6400

Sale Details

$750 (inc GST)