Springvale Surprise with the Otago Rescue Helicopter – Leeanne Jenkins

Chasing the aurora we stopped by a place I often photograph, and was surprised to see this Tractor sitting begging to be photographed, the Milky Way was rising and the opportunity or luck was on my side. My husband stood with the head torch on the tractor for 20 secs and after playing with the ISO then set it to 3200.
As I took the shot the Otago Rescue Helicopter came over the hill, totally unexpected, it then added the orange red dots to the picture, talk about frustrated, but on reflection changed my mind as it added to the story of the picture, a week later I went back to that same spot and the tractor was gone. I will not get another quite like this one again.

Camera Settings

Canon 90D
ISO3200 20sec
Samyang 2.8/14mm open to infinity

Sale Details

$950 (inc GST)