Welshtown Hut

Welshtown Hut by John Ecksmann

Welshtown Hut | John Ecksmann

Location: Welshtown Central Otago

Welshtown is in the Bendigo Historic Reserve, Central Otago. The area was very quickly populated in the latter part of 1862 as a result of the Dunstan Gold rush when alluvial gold was discovered in the Bendigo creek. There are many such, long abandoned, buildings and mining structures in the area from this era.
This shot was created with a single shot for the Milky Way with 8 light painted foreground shots blended together, presented in a hand painted frame.

Camera Settings

Sony 6300 Sigma 16mm prime
Foreground ISO 560 20 secs F5.6
Milky Way ISO 6400 20 secs F1.6

Media Details

Dimensions: 57cm x 44cm | Media: Framed Print

Sale Details

$395 (inc GST) | Buy Now!

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