The Grain Shed

The Grain Shed by John Ecksmann

The Grain Shed | John Ecksmann

Location: Central Otago

After many years of planning to shoot this composition, I was finally able to in October in 2021, from a farm near Becks, Central Otago. The reflections on the pond were almost perfect, luckily I was able to capture the panorama before being dive bombed by ducks that landed in the pond and rippled it. The Grain Shed panorama image was created by stitching 67 images together and presented in a crackle finished frame.

Camera Settings

Camera and settings.
Sony A7R3 with a Sigma 50mm prime lens
ISO 8000 F2 15sec

Media Details

Dimensions: 57cm x 44cm | Media: Framed Print

Sale Details

$395 (inc GST) | Buy Now!

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