Poppet Head Progress Mine

Poppet Head Progress Mine by John Ecksmann

Poppet Head Progress Mine | John Ecksmann

Location: Oturehua, Central Otago

The Golden Progress quartz mine possesses a rare and impressive treasure. It has the only poppet head still standing in Central Otago. It is located in the Ida Valley just south of Oturehua, off Reef Road, along a short, well marked track. On the track there are some tailings, a small stone hut and a dam. The last part leading to the diggings follows the rail lines that were used to get the spoil to the stamper battery.

This image was created by stacking 15 Milky Way images for noise reduction and 25 light painted foreground images blended together. Printed on 100% cotton base paper with an elegant textured finish, The frame has a hand painted rust finish.

Camera Settings

Sony A7R3 Tamron 17-28mm @17mm
ISO 6400 F2.8 20secs

Media Details

Dimensions: 93cm x 63cm | Media: Framed Print

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$740 (inc GST) | Buy Now!

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