Ophir Bridge under the Milky Way

Ophir Bridge under the Milky Way by John Ecksmann

Ophir Bridge under the Milky Way | John Ecksmann

Location: Ophir Central Otago

The Ophir Bridge image was created by stacking 20 Milky Way shots to reduce noise, and then 10 light painted shots blended together. The suspension bridge was built in 1880 and is officially called the Daniel O’Connell bridge, named after an Irish nationalist and thus represented many Irish gold miners that worked claims in the Ophir area. This image is presented in a hand painted rustic frame.

Camera Settings

Sony A7R3 with a Tampon 17-28mm lens @17mm
ISO 6400 F2.8 25sec

Media Details

Dimensions: 57cm x 44cm | Media: Framed Print

Sale Details

$395 (inc GST) | Buy Now!

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