Coal Pit Road Aurora

Coal Pit Road Aurora by John Ecksmann

Coal Pit Road Aurora | John Ecksmann

Location: Central Otago

Composite Category Runner Up
Artist comment: “The Coal Pit Road panorama image was created by stitching 55 images together.”
Judges comment: “The judges appreciated the technical ability in producing this image. We also found it delightful that an otherwise everyday rural scene (stock yards) was chosen as a backdrop for a super massive panorama of the Aurora/Astro night landscape, firmly placing this image in its surrounds, Central Otago.”

Camera Settings

Camera and settings.
Sony A7R3 with a Sigma 50mm prime lens
ISO 6400 F1.8 8sec

Media Details

Dimensions: cm x cm | Media: Framed Print

Sale Details

Not for sale!!

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