Lighthouse at Taiaroa Head – Izumi Schmidt

Sometimes moon comes out early enough to see the details of the object in foreground. It was one of those nights, and the full moon was coming out as expected – then the clouds also appeared. It became hide and seek between the moon, the lighthouse, and the clouds. I was a little disappointed at first, but in the end, I liked the shot – imperfection is perfect. A bit of Zen.

This shot was taken from the opposite coast of the Taiaroa Head, Aramoana. I used mobile app called “Sun Locator Pro” to find the right spot to be. But what happens is you are never in the right spot, and moon comes up so fast in angle, so you constantly drag your tripod to change the position, click, then drag again – for about 15 minutes or so. It is sort of an embarrassing act especially there would be walkers around you, but it is worth it.

Camera Settings

ISO 2500

Sale Details

$400 (inc GST)