Keyhole – Izumi Schmidt

It was new moon and sky was clear, so I headed to Aramoana to bathe in starlight. The tide was low, so I could go further away from the characteristic rock – Keyhole – to get the whole view.

After I came home, I came across this passage by the director of Harvard College Observatory Harlow Shapley(1929).

“We are made of the same stuff as stars, so when we study astronomy we are in a way only investigating our remote ancestry and our place in the universe of star stuff. Our very bodies consist of the same chemical elements found in the most distant nebulae, and our activities are guided by the same universal rules”

As is famous as Carl Sagen’s quote, “We are made of star-stuff”, literally. Pretty fantastic, humbling, and exciting bottom line, for all astrophotographers!

Camera Settings

Fuji GFX
ISO 1600

Sale Details

$400 (inc GST)