The Witch Head Nebula by Brian Boyle

The Witch Head Nebula | Brian Boyle

Location: Speargrass Flat Observatory

Space is not only big, but it is also spectacularly messy. This wide field image (about 10 x 7 degrees on the sky) shows the bright star Rigel (top left star of Orion) surrounded by various fragments of interstellar gas and dust, including the appropriately named Witch Head nebula.

The Witch Head nebula is thought to be part of an ancient supernova remnant, with the dust particles in the nebula reflecting the blue light of Rigel. Astronomers has discovered carbon monoxide molecules and protostars within the nebula, suggesting it too will become the site for intense star formation in the future. Another circle of life thing.

Other nebula in this region range from the more diffuse red nebula where the emission from more rarified ionised hydrogen is apparent, to the much denser brown/dark nebula where stars, shrouded from our earthly gaze, are actively forming

Camera Settings

Nikon FX 200mm f2, ZWO ASI6200MM sensor & Astronomik narrow band filter set. 42 x 300sec exposure.

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