The Statue of Liberty Nebula – Brian Boyle

Anther cloud of glowing gas which lives up to its popular nickname, but the more prosaic formal name of NGC3576. The nebula is 9000 light years from Earth and over 100 light years across. It is situated between the Eta Carina and Running Chicken Nebula, in the region of the Milky Way west of the Southern Cross.
This part of the Southern Milky Way passes almost overhead in Otago during late summer/autumn evenings.
The shape of the nebula, with its delicate sworls and filaments is driven by stellar winds from the young, massive stars embedded with the glowing gas.

The image has been taken in the light of sulphur (red), hydrogen (green) and oxygen (blue), so that the colour – while false to the human eye – still reveal important information about the physics and chemistry of these star forming regions.

Camera Settings

TS Hypergraph 200mm f/3.2 telescope, ZWO ASI6200MM sensor, Optolong narrowband filters, 68 x 600sec exposure.

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