The Matterhorn – Brian Boyle

Most exhibitions permit one indulgent piece by an artist. This is mine. To my knowledge the piece of the sky has not featured in an exhibition before. This is an exceptionally faint nebula of glowing gas located in the constellation of Puppis (The Poop Deck), which passes overhead here during summer/autumn. It is so overlooked it doesn’t even have a recognised name.

Recently those that have taken images of this region have dubbed it The Mountain. I would go further and call it the Mattherhorn, not only for its resemblance to the mountain in Switzerland, but also to celebrate the famous schist rock hazard on the 17th hole at Arrowtown golf course.

Either way, it’s the Poop Mountain.

Camera Settings

TS Hypergraph 200mm f/3.2 telescope, ZWO ASI6200MM sensor, Optolong narrowband filters, 60 x 600sec exposure.

Sale Details

$750 (inc GST)