The Lambda Centaurus Nebula – Brian Boyle

Also known as the Running Chicken Nebula (although in this case the chicken is upside down), the Lambda Centaurus nebula is a cloud of glowing gas only a few degrees from Acrux, the brightest star in the Southern Cross. The nebula’s eponymous star is only 470 light yers distant. It is thought to be a number of the Gould Belt, a group of hot young stars, moving through space together, having formed in the last 15-20 million years in the same molecular cloud. The region of gas around to the star is lit up by the star itself, and contains a number of dark knots – dense clumps of molecular gas form which future stars are likely to emerge. As yet, however, no star formation has been detected in any of the globules. The Running Chicken appears to have laid a few eggs, but no-one knows whether they will hatch. This way round the image looks more like a pterodactyl rising than a chicken running.

Camera Settings

TS Hypergraph 200mm f/3.2 telescope, ZWO ASI6200MM sensor, Optolong narrowband filters, 51 x 600sec exposure.

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