The Eta Carina Nebula – Brian Boyle

Visible to the naked eye, the Eta Carina Nebula is one of the largest nebulae in our skies. Four times larger and even brighter than the Orion Nebula, its relatively obscurity it largely explained by its location in the Southern Sky.

The nebula itself is 8500 light years from Earth, and contains numerous young star clusters. This image taken in the light of ionised sulphur (red), hydrogen (green) and oxygen (blue) also reveals the dark lanes, globules and patches throughout where interstellar material has become so dense to block the nebular emission from behind it and where new stars are actively being borne.

Eta Carina, the eponymous star is located towards the lower part of the upper portionn of the nebula. It is a binary star system which shines 5 million time brighter than our our sun. The stars are nearly the end of their lives, and could possibly erupt in the next galactic supernova. Watch this space!

Camera Settings

TS Hypergraph 200mm f/3.2 telescope, ZWO ASI6200MM sensor, Optolong narrowband filters, 64 x 300sec exposure. Speargrass Flat Observatory

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