The Antares Region with Blue Horse Head – Brian Boyle

High in the winter sky, hangs the the bright yellow star of Antares surrounded by the recognisable pincers of Scorpius, the Scopion. However, even a relatively short exposure with a camera reveals the richness of the nebulae in this region, one of the most colourful in the whole sky.

The area includes the Rho Ophuichi star formation nursery, with dark lanes of obscuring dust stretching to the right in this image, all the way down to the the Milky Way.

The Blue Horsehead region to the bottom of this image is caused by interstelllar dust scattered light from the bight star Nu Scorpii half way up the “nose” of the horse.

An ancient globular cluster of stars (Messier 4) is also seen just to the left of Antares, itself shrouded in a yellow reflection nebula.

All in all, an egregiously over-achieving part of the sky, rising in the eastern sky as you walk outside from the exhibition tonight.

Camera Settings

Canon 6D Mark II, 200mm f/2.8L USM lens. Used at f/4. 60 x 300sec.

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