Weasleys Car – Andy Davey

Magical Milky Way over an old car living wild in a forest near Palmerston, Otago.

A fascinating feature of most farms in the Palmerston area, is that all farmers put aside at least one paddock for growing old cars and other mechanical relics. It reminds me of the old Sinbad film where, instead of dragon teeth, the cockies sow an area of clear ground with rusty nuts and bolts, and out of the ground sprout the skeletons of Ford Anglias and Hilman Imps.

Took a photo of this car on an earlier daytime walk. Was very pleased the next time I passed that they had cut down the trees behind it so I could see the Milky Way. Thank You.

Camera Settings

Fujifilm X-A3
ISO 6,400
30 second

Sale Details

$750 (inc GST)

Not for sale