Waiting for the Ghost Train – Andy Davey

Admiring the star light at the end of the tunnel.

The early spring Milky Way standing over the entrance to Poolburn Tunnel No 2 on the Otago Central Rail Trail. Also visible in the shot is the Southern Cross, the pointers and Large Megallanic Cloud.

The Poolburn Gorge is one of the most spectacular and interesting sections of the OCRT, as it clings to the edge of the steep sided gorge, with the Ōmakau (Idaburn) rushing below. The complete lack of artificial light makes it ideal for star gazing. Walking through the tunnels in the dark really gets you night vision working!

This shot was taken on one of the many reconnaissance rides I did into the Poolburn Gorge in preparation for the Cycle to the Stars initiative. It was the first time I’d taken a real life human guinea pig. She survived (and thoroughly enjoyed it)!!

Camera Settings

Fujifilm X-A3
ISO 6,400
20 seconds

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