Southern Lights Vs Scrapyard Lights – Andy Davey

Lights of the Aurora Australis dancing over Kopuwai (Obelisk, Old Man Range), obliterated by lighting at the end of Boundary Road.

This image is a good illustration of how the wrong lighting solutions can effect many peoples views of the night sky. There are thousands of lights in Alexandra that do not hamper viewing or photographing the night sky. And there are just a dozen or so that are wrong, have a greater negative effect than all the other thousands combined.

I have taken many shots in my garden or elsewhere around town and captured the Aurora, Milky Way and most of the other features of the dark skies. This would not be possible from Molineux Estates or anywhere near North end of town because of these lights.

Camera Settings

Fujifilm X-A3
iso 6400
15 seconds

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$450 (inc GST)