Ghost Sheep by Andy Davey

Ghost Sheep | Andy Davey

Location: Palmerston, Otago | Date: 20/03/2021

Aurora Australis partially obscured by Puketapu, clouds and sheep.

Previously displayed at Winterstellar 2021 in Alexandra, Ghost Sheep was one of those freak frames from a sequence taken for a timelapse sequence. I selected the location at a whim while driving down Fleming Road on the outskirts of Palmerston, making my way to Matakaea (Shag Point) to hopefully take some shots of the forecast Aurora. The composition looked good with the hope that the mighty Puketapu would be silhouetted by the Aurora.

The spot I chose was on a small rise, next to a water tank, with my reserve camera on a sheep trough with the camera position finely adjusted with a strategically placed piece of dried sheep poo. The camera was taking 30 second exposures at the time of this shot so I suspect the sheep must of entered stage right about 15 seconds in, then posed real still for the remaining 15 seconds. Not sure why, but very grateful.

Camera Settings

Fujifilm X-A3
ISO 64000
30 seconds

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