Galactic Gorge – Andy Davey

Milky Way standing over the lights of Alexandra and the Mata-au meandering through Roxburgh Gorge.

This shot was taken in early September when, just after dark, the Milky Way appears out of the twilight standing vertically in the North East night sky. I’d been planning this shot for a few months, looking for the best positions to take this, while also getting a good perspective of the Mata-au down in the Clutha Gorge.

There are some wonderful places for all kinds of photography in the Butchers Dam/Flat Top Hill Doc Reserve. Crazy rock formations, usually still water for reflections, Southern prospect for Aurora displays, lots of trails and MT bike tracks. A photographers dream, and just 5 minutes from Alexandra.

This image is a composite of six images to make a vertical panorama.

Camera Settings

Fujifilm X-A3
ISO 6400
30 seconds
Composite as panorama of multiple shots

Sale Details

$750 (inc GST)