Alby and the Aurora – Andy Davey

Not often I do a selfie, and even more rare it is for Alby to remain still enough for a long exposure night shot. Thankfully, with the near full moon it only had to be for 8 seconds.

It was a glorious night, with the moon helping to light up the historic Mitchell’s Cottage and it’s well maintained grounds. One of my favourite astro shoot locations.

The Aurora Australis appeared exactly as forecast and put on a mesmerising display including rays visible to the naked eye. This shot is a compression of 8 seconds of light and colour captured by the digital camera. We cannot see all this colour with our eyes, the rays appear greyish, and the magenta glow which blocks out the usually visible dim stars, is sensed more than seen.

Camera Settings

Fujifilm X-A3
iso 64000
8 seconds

Sale Details

$450 (inc GST)