Winterstellar is an exhibition of Astrophotography and Videography

Running from 3rd July to 5th September 2021

at Central Stories Museum & Art Gallery, Alexandra

Winterstellar is an exhibition of astrophotography and videography. It is about SPACE, the stars and what we see from our place amongst them.

In OTAGO & SOUTHLAND we are blessed. Our climate gives us many clear nights. Our sparse population means there is little light pollution. The Southern Hemisphere is the best place to see the Galactic Core, the heart of our galaxy – the Milky Way. We are close enough to the pole to see the Aurora Australis or Southern Lights. 

However, this exhibition is also very much about TIME. We celebrate Matariki – the Maori new year, a time to reflect on what has passed and rejoice in new beginnings.

Winterstellar shares photographic works by both experienced photographers and those just starting out. These stunning images are a compression of time showing much more than can be seen with the naked eye. More stars, more colour. Time Lapse MOVIES in the exhibition are a combination of thousands of ultra high definition snapshots of time captured over hours.

See the movement of the stars across the stunning landscapes of Otago and Southland, in ways you have never seen before



Exhibitors 2021

Izumi Schmidt Uchida
Izumi Schmidt Uchida

Izumi was born and bred in Tokyo, Japan, and worked as publishing editor, radio producer, and TV researcher until she fell in love with Kakapo and moved to New Zealand. She has been involved in wildli…

Michael Cookson
Michael Cookson

Michael started as a hobbyist photographer in 2018 but it quickly turned into a passion for him. Michael lives in Mosgiel working as a Joiner, where his nature as a perfectionist and eye for detail ha…

Simon Williams - Second Public School
Simon Williams

Freelance photographer, educator, environmentalist and father, Simon Williams has been involved in digital design and imaging for the last 25 years. Over the course of the last decade he has turned hi…

Nuns Veil Night - Cory Marshall
Cory Marshall

Cory Marshall is a landscape photographer based in Wanaka, New Zealand. Originally from California, Cory and his wife Kelly relocated to Wanaka in 2017. Cory’s work focuses on stunning natural l…

Stephen Patience Photography
Stephen Patience

Stephen Patience is a renowned photographer who has twice been a ‘winner’ for time-lapse in the New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year.  Stephen has been engaged to produce time-lapse for TV …

Vicky Bowman Photography
Vicky Bowman

Vicky lives and works out of Omakau, Central Otago. Her journey with photography began in 1995 and she has been practising seriously for the past 5 years. Vicky is particularly keen on landscape photo…

Lauderdale Tractor by John Ecksmann
John Ecksmann

John is a Becks based photographer, videographer, and manufacturer of souvenir products. He arrived in Central Otago 8 years ago on a short holiday and never left. John says, “I was so blown away with…

Smoky nights - Leeanne Jenkins
Leeanne Jenkins

I have only been taking photos as a hobby now for the last 4 years, since Covid 19 my photography has improved incredibly, I thank my husband Blair for being my driver and support at night when I won&…

Andy Davey Photography
Andy Davey

COO of Winterstellar Charitable Trust by day, astro-photographer by night. Co-curator of the Winterstellar Exhibition and part of the organisation team for the 2022 Winterstellar Exhibition and suppor…


Horsehead and Flame - photo by Brian Boyle
Professor Brian Boyle

Prof Brian Boyle held a number of leadership positions in Australian Astronomy over the past quarter of a century.  He was director of Australia’s two largest astronomical observatories; the opt…

Cicada Websites & Media
Cicada Websites and Media

Website, E-commerce and Media creation. Andy Davey and Cicada Limited have been providing web and data solutions for over 20 years. Recent projects include Winterstellar, Central Stories Museum E-comm…

Paul Le Comte
Five 15 Design

Big thanks to Paul Le Comte at Five 15 Design for the cool Winterstellar Logo design. Paul is a Dunedin based professional graphic design artist, as well as an excellent photographer.

Central Appliance Plus
Central Appliance Plus

Big thanks to John at Central Appliance Plus for loaning us a huuuge 75″ 4K TV for displaying the awesome video works of Stephen Patience and John Ecksmann amongst other digital displays in the …

Alexandra Community Arts Council
Alexandra Community Arts Council

Thanks to Alexandra Community Arts Council for your kind support and grant.