This idea has been shelved as early indications of cost for doing this well are beyond us for this year. Maybe look at it again in the future.

Where: Linger and Die Domain, Alexandra

When: Weekend of 3rd July or 10th July 2020

What: I have been considering this concept since the first Covid Lockdown. With the clock lights extinguished and only illuminated by the light spilling from Alexandra township, it presented a unique opportunity for some astro photography.

Getting the Lions to turn the lights off for a night after lockdown for another opportunity to be shared with local photographers was one idea, but why not make something that the whole community can enjoy?

Clock Hill from Linger and Die
Clock Hill from Linger and Die

I saw an excellent light show a few years ago projected onto the side of Auckland Museum. Could we do the same onto the clock hill in Alex? If so, in what form could it be and what events and activities can be built around it to make it successful for visitors and the Alexandra community alike?

It would need to be in winter so it can start at a reasonable time in the dark. So doing this for Matariki seems obvious. The presentation projected onto the hillside could tell the story of Matariki while also entertaining and inspiring people to identify and appreciate other parts of the night sky.

Who: This is going to require the help and cooperation of many individuals and organisations. I’m going to try and address this in a different way by asking different questions:

Who can this project NOT go ahead without the full support of:

  • Local Tangata Whenua leadership, organisation and creativity will be crucial as this will essentially be a celebration of Matariki. I look forward to these discussions starting very soon.
  • CODC and other local government will be important for funding, support, promotion and making sure it can go ahead in a fashion that is safe and compliant.

If we get enthusiastic support from both the above then we can ask the next question, is it feasible and at what cost?

The people I have short-listed to answer this question include:

Mark Michel has been introduced to me by Greg Bodeker and was one of the people who helped make the “While you were sleeping” project happen in Auckland. This project turned the War Memorial Museum into an iceberg via a number of projectors from footage and sound recorded on an expedition to Antarctica.

Otago Museum have experience in multi-media community outreach projects as well as expertise in science communication. I will be catching up with their outreach team when they are in Alexandra 21st August.

There is also local experience in developing light shows in Queenstown and Cromwell which can be reached out to.

Notes: There are many stakeholders and quite a few possible obstacles to this event. This page is just laying out the concept. Funding has been applied for in order to carry out more investigations and consultations into the feasibility of the project.

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